Miss Kenyon and Mrs. Harrop


A big warm welcome to Reception children and families!

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Our 5 Ws

As well as teaching RE through the 5Ws, we refer to them on a daily basis across the curriculum and link them to Reception routines and expectations.  Below is how we discuss them with the children.


Our teachers welcome us into Reception every day. We welcome each other.  We try to be like Jesus. Jesus welcomes everyone.


Our teachers look after us. We look after each other. We are all friends in Reception. Jesus looks after all of us.

Word of God

We listen to the Word of God from God’s special holy book -The Bible. We try to be good, kind and caring like Jesus.


We try to be good like Jesus. We try to make the right choices by using kind hands and kind words.


We worship God by praying and singing together. We pray to God Our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit.

We ♥ Reading!

We love reading books but sometimes you can't carry enough around.  Don't worry!  Have a look at some of these reading books by Oxford Reading Tree.  They are excellent.  Click here for the library.