School Council

Our School Council work hard in helping us provide what children want in our school. 

Meet The Council...


We have just undertaken our democratic right to vote for class representatives for the school council.  Names will be displayed soon.


Almsgiving for Shaw Food Bank

The school council, led by Mrs. Morrison, started the season of Lent with an appeal for food to be donated to the Shaw Food Bank.  This food bank helps people who are in temporary need of food parcels.  They are allowed to give out 3 parcels to each person over a 6 month period, so are only used in emergencies.  The food bank is located in The Salvation Army church in Shaw and the school council delivered the food collected.  When they arrived, the volunteers had prepared a meal of homemade soup and a baguette for the children to enjoy with them.  They were very grateful for the donation and said that it would restock the food bank larder. 


Playground Buddies – Monitoring

The school council continue to monitor the playground buddy scheme we have in place, ensuring that other children who should be a buddy in the infant playground are completing their duties. 


Light Bulb Box

A ‘light bulb box’ has been set up in Key Stage 2 for all children to contribute their ideas and thoughts for discussion at school council meetings.  The box is checked prior to any council meetings and ideas are discussed. 


Big Classroom

The school council trialled a scheme called ‘The Big Classroom’.  This is a closed social network of schools who share work together in the spirit of diversity.  Schools were matched with other schools with different intakes and the idea was for classes to share work and interact with each other.  Although the idea is good, the school council felt that the amount of work uploaded was not enough to invest in it. 


Redesigning the School Website

The school council have been working with the head teacher to look at redesigning the school website.  They have looked at our website and a selection of other websites from our provider.  They are currently finalising a report to the head teacher to detail their findings including the best/worst parts of the websites they have looked at.