School Context


Saint Joseph’s RC Junior, Infant and Nursery School is a one form entry Catholic school in the old, industrial mill town of Shaw in Oldham.  It is located near the centre of the small town and serves the Catholic parish of Saint Joseph’s from which the vast majority of our pupils are admitted.  The school’s sense of family is promoted through this heritage and by the fact that many staff are both parents and parishioners themselves. 


It consists of 240 pupils between ages 3-11, 91.3% of whom are Roman Catholic. 


86.7% of the school population are white British (65.5% national) with 2.3% other white background, 2.3% Chinese, 2.3% Black African, 2.1% Other White back ground and 2.3% White and Black Caribbean making up the majority of the minority groups. 


The school is a popular choice of school in Oldham and is over-subscribed each year.  There is low mobility of pupils at Saint Joseph’s.  The overwhelming majority of pupils who start Reception class stay with us until Year 6; most pupils who attend our Nursery move into our Reception class.  On entry to the school, children are below national expectations.  These results are moderated by the Catholic cluster of schools. 


The proportion of Pupil Premium Grant Ever 6 funded pupils is lower than the national average at 8.7% (13 children 5.4% in receipt of FSM – 15.8% FSM national average). 


At the last inspection, 13 children were on the SEND register with one child in receipt of a statement of SEND.  This has risen to 33 with 4 in receipt of an Education, Health and Care Plan with additional support. 


In total, there are 32 staff in Saint Joseph’s of which 66% are Catholic.  Out of the 8 teachers, 7 are Catholic; 5 have the CCRS including the Head Teacher.  All members of support staff are active members in their own church community. 


Saint Joseph's has achieved the platinum School Games award which recognises excellence in sports in schools. We are recognised as a Healthy School and a Communication Friendly School.